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We recently completed a successful inter-country adoption with Wandisa Adoption Agency in Cape Town and Bethany House Adoption agency in America! A is happily settled with his new mom and dad and is flourishing. We are always blessed when one of our children is united with his "forever family" and in this case we know that A is going to very happy in his new home in America.

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Bethany Grabau, Calvin's daughter, heads to South Africa with dad and brother Matthew.  Beth volunteers at The Promise House for a couple of months.

Bethany is seen on the left side.  Calvin and son Matthew on the right.

If you would like to volunteer.  Please contact

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Baby Kegga arrives at The Promise House
The directors of The Promise House Adler Haven, David and Caroline Webb, saw Kegga abandoned in a ward of the local government hospital last week and begged the social worker at the hospital to find the time to complete the paperwork and get him into our care.  Although it took 4 days, Caroline got a call last Friday to come pick him up. He is beautiful.   His Mom disappeared from the hospital without giving an address or signing adoption releases.  That means Kegga will wait awhile longer to get adopted as her rights must be severed by a judge after a 90-day waiting period. Pray for his health!  He is battling blood clots and is being tested for various congenital diseases.  We are very concerned.  House mom Katy is keeping a close eye on him.

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The Promise House sends 11 children to school!
The Promise House at Child Haven is our newest project through 88.1 The Promise and The Promise House. Now, we are reaching out not only to abandoned babies through our home at Adler Haven, but to homeless children in cooperation with His People Church in Johannesburg. On the 12th of January, 7:30am, we began the new school year, and for the first time, eleven of Child Haven’s twelve children were in school. From grad 0 to grade 4, staff and the children of The Promise House at Child Haven are adjusting and the dining room has become homework central headquarters!
Our children are spread across four schools --- a nursery school (conveniently located right next door to The Promise House), our neighborhood government primary school, a re-medial government school and a special education school. House mom, Amy Golden, spent most of 2010 getting our children tested and accepted into the appropriate schools. Our first application was rejected and our staff felt discouraged. But in prayer, God reminded us that He had chosen each child for The Promise House at Child Haven and He had a plan for each of them. Shortly thereafter, house mom Amy found placements for all 11!

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February 2011  New van arrives at The Promise House
We were really struggling with a request from The Promise House on the need of a new van and were trying to figure out a way to raise the money for it and then……God provided a van as a donation from a local car dealership! This van was very need to bring our babies and toddlers to doctors’ visits! Thank you for allowing us to means to provide for the most needy through The Promise House…you are a part of this!

 A great story from The Promise House!

Dear Calvin
I want to share a beautiful moment from a few weeks ago.  Many of you know that Ernie and I fell in love with Baby Omolemo, our first child The Promise House and that we applied to be his adoptive parents.  Well, imagine my shock when a FINAL ADOPTION DECREE, dated two months before, showed up in the mail announcing that he was our child!  The letter stated that "the child is now seen as if born to you".... I just cried... He has a new national ID number and everything. He is OUR son that has been Born to us!! What a Joy!!! (And with no labor pains or anything!!)Thank you, friends The Promise House, for loving us and the children here!
Katy Kruger (House-mom at The Promise House)



Pastor Jack Miller and his wife Barbara stop by The Promise House on a recent trip to South Africa.  They are the Global Missions and Local Outreach Directors, and ASL (American Sign Language) Pastor of Southpoint Community Church, Jacksonville.